In addition to our own products we also perform integrations of selected products of our partners, some of which are presented below.

Entrust DataCard is a company that offers its solutions to over 5000 customers in 85 countries. Entrust Datacard company was formed when companies Entrust and Datacard merged. We are Entrust partners since the very beginning of the establishment of our company. We work in the field of public key infrastructure (PKI)authentication solution IdentityGuard and server certificates (SSL). OSI d.o.o. has the highest partner status and beside Slovenia we also represent the entire region of Southeastern Europe .

List of Entrust Dataguard solutions which we offer:


SSL certificates

Authentication and Identity Protection

  • Entrust Identity Guard – Solutions for identity management, authentication mechanisms (SMS, Smart Cards , Mobile Soft Token, Mobile Device Certificates, Mobile Smart Credentials) and security transactions.

Oracle is one of the largest companies in the field of software and hardware. It is most visible in the field of databases, application servers and Exadata hardware and Sun. OSI d.o.o. is Oracle Gold Partner and we also hold the specialization for Oracle Database and Oracle Enterprise Linux, what proves the advanced stage of partnership.

We offer you some of Oracle products that are listed bellow:

  • Oracle Database;
  • Oracle Exadata;
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager;
  • Oracle Database Security Options;
  • Oracle Application Server – WebLogic;
  • Oracle Identity Management;
  • Oracle Linux in VM.

Bit4ID is an Italian company that manufactures smart cards, readers and other equipment linked to secure authentication for e-banking systems. Bit4ID products are technologically comparable with other wide known producers, while the pricing is much more affordable. OSI d.o.o. is the exclusive supplier for Slovenija and also for some neighbouring countries.

OSI d.o.o. cooperates with company Thales mainly in supply and maintenance of hardware security modules (HSM nCipher) and other solutions, such as time stamping, associated with the public key infrastructure.

SafeNet is one of the largest companies offering solutions in the field of information security. OSI d.o.o. cooperates with SafeNet mainly in the field of data encryption and data protection. We offer hardware security modules (HSM), solutions for data encryption and smart cards .

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