Enterprise Services

Integration services for optimization of bussines processes

OSI Enterprise services include consulting services and outsourcing. Enterprise services are provided in collaboration with customer’s team and resolving challenges, posed by information technology, with the aim of achieving the best use of existing technology, new requirements and combination of vendor solutions and open source software. At Enterprise services we offer our customers complete implementation with integration of domestic and foreign partners.

Enterprise services are performed in following areas:

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • Management of identities, rights and audit trails.
  • Ensuring compliance (PDPA, ZEPEP, PCI, ISO 27001, …) of data management.
  • Advanced data centers.
  • Infrastructure services (databases, application servers and other ”middleware” software).
  • Optimization of costs of hardware, software and licenses.
  • Data center service in the cloud: Database As a Service, PaaS, IaaS.
  • Protection of critical business information.
  • Audit of information security.
  • Own development for specific needs of a customer.
  • Dedicated training for specific needs of a customer.

At Enterprise services we provide standard OSI services combined in groups ”Professional” services, ”Managed” services, ”Outsourcing” services and ”CLOUD” services, with integration of external partners, to provide quality services for optimization of business to our customers.

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